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Sausage Company

     Welcome to Amore Sausage Company website.  I am happy and excited to share a prized family tradition that spans centuries and has its' beginnings in Calabria, Italy.  When my grandparents immigrated to America in 1937, they brought with them much more than just the clothes on their back and the will to start a new life.  They brought a wealth of old country tradition and daily customs, which have since been preserved and practiced by my relatives and family for over eighty years.

     Our company is dedicated to creating top quality products using our family recipe as the foundation, and we are currently focused on the two staples of our meat curing tradition, sopressata and pepperoni.  We are also mindfully adhering to old country ingredients, including Mediterranean sea salt, organic spices, natural casings, and pork that comes from the pasture of a small family farm within 20 miles of our production facility.  Please feel free to contact us for availability and any questions!